International Fairtrade Conference


In tree weeks I will be a part of a team that is going to represent the Fairtrade Towns in Sweden during the International Conference for Fairtrade Towns in Oslo. Fairtrade Towns, also known as Fairtrade City in Sweden, is a diploma for local municipalities that are working with ethical trade in different ways. In my town, Växjö, I used to be a member of the board with representatives from the City. Our major work was to cooperate and to support the local authorities to increase their ethical consumption.

The conference in Oslo, is the seventh to take place and there there will be representatives for 1300 towns. On the agenda we will discuss how trade can help to fight poverty, how we can affect the public sector and how we can reach the small scale farmers to improve their situation.

I used to live in Oslo and I love the city. I'm really looking forward to meet some of my friends and to meet international passionate people that wants to fight poverty.

Happy Monday.

More information here. 


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