Life is magical - just as it is

I was standing on (what I considered) the highest top on the white sand-dunes, 30 km outside the popular tourist destination Mui Ne in Vietnam. I had walked all the way form the edge of the sand up the hill. It couldn’t be more than a kilometre and the distance didn’t look very far, but to walk up and down on sand wasn’t as easy as I thought. I was sweating and my heart was beating fast. I thought: I need to get back in shape as soon as I get home. Anyhow, I was happy. I sat down in the sand, took out my notebook, my phone and pressed play on the playlist I had created during my five months of traveling. The song was from The Gladiator – Now we are free. I chose that song to be able to bring out my deepest emotions and feelings. 

I had already imagined this moment before I went to the sand-dunes. I was going to write down my final thoughts and feelings regarding my trip. I wanted to capture the inner journey form anxiety and depression to peace and harmony. I wanted to put words on the feelings of bliss I was feeling. I had been smiling for days and I wanted to be wise about it. I started with “Just as in the Alchemist, where the boy found his treasure in the desert, I have arrived to a point of peace and calmness.“

Then I was interrupted by a man saying “Can I please have your picture?” I looked up, two young men from Kina was standing just next to me. I knew I passed a group of tourist on my way up, but I had been so much in my own thoughts that I didn't see them climbing up the hill and approaching me. I wanted to say no, because this was my moment, but something inside me didn’t have the heart to decline them the joy. So with a smile I said yes. 

One of them sat down with a huge smile meanwhile the other one was taking a picture. I smiled quickly into the camera and then looked down on my notebook. I thought: “if they see  I’m busy they will let me be and I can keep having my magical moment”. But that didn’t happen, the other one wanted to have a picture with me too. He was even more excited then the other guy. Moved even closer. Smiled even more. I looked into the camera again with a smile and thought; “what a stupid thing to say yes, with all the traveling experience I have from Asia I know that if you say yes to one person, the whole family will follow”. And indeed, that was what was happening. I barely had a moment to look down at my notebook before the whole Chinese family crew had approach me, where one of the guys pointed at the young girls saying happily, “they want your picture too”. At that time, the wind had started to pick up, sand was coming into my eyes, the four-wheel drivers, ridden by tourists started to circle my area and I was definitely not alone anymore. I could have chosen to move somewhere else or be upset about it, but I kept smiling because the girls sat down, the others followed and there we where in the desert taking pictures and listen to Gladiator – Now we are free. I looked down at my notebook and realised there’s nothing to write down. I gave them my phone; now I wanted to have a picture too. I was laughing about the situation and the tune on my phone changed to The Lord of The Rings –The fellowship of the Rings. 

The situation taught me that no matter what we’re trying to do, how much we plan or how much effort we put into structuring our lives into the way we want, a situation is never going turn out the way we expected. There are so many tings beyond our control and sometimes the only thing we could do is to choose how to approach them. I could have walked away from the noisy Chinese people, be upset that my spiritual moment was ruined, but I chose to be humble and compassionated towards what was happening and by doing that, the moment became more magical than I could have ever expected. 

It was perfect as it was. Whatever notes I had in mind before the interruption could not be compared to the notes I’m writing now. This is my experienced truth and life doesn’t need to be more magical than that. 

I’m so happy and grateful for the magical five months I spent abroad. I’m carrying the memories, the teachings, the places and all the people I met along the way in my heart. You all made it magical and all I have to learn was how to pay attention to the beauties in life.