Hitchhiking List

A few years back I knew nothing about hitchhiking. When I was about to go on my first long-term trip my father told me we could always hitchhike to save money. He said in Australia such a thing would be safe. I looked at him; “no one would do such thing today”.

It took me a few years before I met the person who taught me how to hitchhike. He was quite humble in his different way of travelling. I wanted to give it a go. I trusted him. I’m glad I did because my meeting with him completely changed my life.

This list below would have not exist without him. It shows the way I travel across different countries. It's impossible to tell how many cars I've hitchhiked with, how many miles I travelled and the time sum up to 1.4 years of traveling. I/we have always hitchhiked! 


2017            Sri Lanka                           Ella to the south, back to Colombo, then south again and then north all the way to Dambulla


2015            India                                  From Nepal to Darjeeling and Kolkata, then crossing south (Auroville, Bengaluru, Mysore etc) to Goa, Agra, Delhi and all the way to Dharamsala and back


2015            Nepal                                 From Kathmandu to Pokhara, then East India


2015            Thailand                            From Bangkok to the south, Ban Krut, then back


2014            Cambodia                          From Thai border to Siem Reap


2014            Thailand                            From Bangkok to Krabi, then back to Bangkok and to the Cambodian border


2014            Myanmar                           From border to several places such as Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan and Inle Lake


2014            Thailand                            From Malaysia to Myanmar


2014            Malaysia                            From Melaka to KL to Kuantan, to Perhentian and then the Thai border


2014            Indonesia                          East parts of Java, to Bali, then north parts of Sumatra and ferry to Malaysia


2013            Israel                                  From to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv