Travel List

 How can someone know anthing about the world without seeing it?
2017           Vietnam        Two weeks
2017           Australia       Two weeks
2017           Phillippines   Four weeks


2017            Bali              Four month  


2017            Sri Lanka    Five weeks


2016            Thailand     Four weeks


2015            India            Twelve weeks from north east to south and then to north west


2015            Nepal           Two weeks


2015            Cambodia   Two weeks


2015            Thailand     Four weeks


2014            Myanmar    Four weeks


2014            Malaysia      Six weeks


2014            Indonesia    Eight weeks in Sumatra, four weeks in Bali and eight weeks in Java


2013            Israel           Ten days


2013            Egypt            One week


2013            Kenya           Eight weeks


2012            Nepal           Four weeks 


2011            Australia     Eight weeks


2011            New Zealand  Four weeks


2011            Peru             Two weeks


2010            Brazil          Four weeks


Expect these longer trips I have also visited: Cyprus (more then four times), Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Hongkong, Czech Republic, England, Finland, Greece, Italy, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tyskland, Turkey, United States, Vatican City State and Åland Islands.


Totally 40 states with more experiences in some.