2017                                                     Projectleader Sustainable Development ambassadeurs, Swedish Red Cross      

2016                                                     Sustainable Development Consult at the Swedish Red Cross, Stockholm

2016                                                     Sustainability Coach for Sustainergies at Quality Hotel Nacka, Stockholm

2016                                                     Start up coordinator for Sustainergies Academy Stockholm

2015 - 2017                                         Master studies: Socio-Ecological Resilience for Sustainable Development                                                                              Stockholm Resilience Centre

2015                                                     Sustainable Development with focus on Climate Change. 7,5 hp

                                                             Karlstad University

2015                                                     Environmental Economics for Sustainable Development. 7,5 hp.

                                                             Kristianstad University

 2015                                                    Environmental Science, Sustainable Development, 15 hp.

                                                             Stockholm University

2011 - 2014                                         Baccalaureate: National Economics 

                                                             Linnaeus University. Field study in Indonesia: ”The role of poor rural families economic                                                              situation in the decision-making process concerning migration”. 

2011 - 2014                                         Baccalaureate: Peace- and Development Studies, 

                                                             Linnaeus University. Field study in Kenya: ”Agroforestry - a way to social                                                                                          empowerment?".

 2014                                                    Scholarship

                                                             Linnaeus University Trust Fund: International understanding 6000 SEK

 2014                                                    Scholarship

                                                             SIDA: Minor Field Study 25 000 SEK

2013 – 2014                                        Chairman of the Red Cross Youth Organization, Växjö, Sweden

2013 – 2014                                        Project manager for Ekoligan - KRAV (organic) certification, Växjö, Sweden

2012                                                    Campaign coordinator for Fairtrade Focus, Växjö, Sweden

2012                                                    Volunteering at Volunteers Initiative, Nepal

2012                                                    Executive Director of Students for Fair Trade, Växjö, Sweden

2011                                                    Manager at W.B Baker Samson at Majorstuen, Oslo, Norway

2009                                                    Au Pair (Nanny), Brussels, Sweden

2008                                                    High School: Business Economy, Sweden

                                                            Europaskolan Strängnäs

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