The achievement of the Global Goals depends on measurements of wellbeing

First this wonderful introduction by Mr. Bean
Can the world get better?

Will we succeed with the global goals?

Not if we do business as usual with GDP as our dominated measure of welfare according to Michael Green. He’s presenting the global goals in the light of Social Progress Index. A measure that I also included in my thesis regarding the global goals relation to other measures of welfare. 

I'm convinced that a better world requires a global measure. Indicators needs to be based on what world we want to live in. The Social Progress Index is a step towards that transformation. 


International Women's Day

 I published a small comment about this day on my Instragram and would like to share my references. 
I will not write a proper text this time, since I'm still traveling and being occupied with my thesis. 
But for those of you who want to know more and understand some of the issues related to gender and why we have this day (I refuse to say celebrate) read about the history of the day and Global Gender Gap Report 2015. 
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