Conscious food in Paris


Are you vegan and going to Paris?

What will you eat?

It’s not like I haven’t thought about it, but from experience people always tend to exaggerate the difficulty to find plant-based healthy food. And of course, I did find some wonderful healthy sustainable options.  


I very much enjoyed the café/take away concept of Pret since there’s so many options for vegans there. You can get plant-based milk and all of their coffee is organic. According to their website they also have a sustainability strategy; they only buy free range chicken eggs, they support homeless and work to reduce their waste. To what extent this work is being done, I can’t tell you. However, I would recommend it since it’s way better than many places in Paris.

For those who want to do some proper grocery shopping to cook their own meals or bring something home, there is a lovely small organic shop not far from Place de la Bastille called GRAND APPETIT - Restaurant Vegan BIO MACROBIOTIQUE. They even sell organic local cheese and as far as I could see there should be a small restaurant serving organic/vegan food just next to it.


If you are looking for that wonderful French hospitality, live music, high standards and you are vegan, then Gentle Gourmet is the best place. I had their portobello burger (not something I eat everyday) and their mayonnaise was just wonderful. I even enjoyed an ice coffee afterwards on organic almond milk. Even if I normally don’t drink coffee. It’s a calm area, not directly at the river, but still it has that river-side feeling. I showed up quite early in French terms and my guess is that you might have to book a table on weekends. Several people were dropping in when the singer went on stage.


My favourite, absolutely the best food experience in Paris was a 42 Degrees. It was the same day as I finished my ten days’ retreat. Since I hadn’t eaten any dinner and had been quite restrictive on food I was looking for some pleasure but still healthy. This restaurant offers 100% organic and raw! When I was there, on a Sunday, they had a buffet that was to die for. The service was excellent, they go through all the dishes with you, they assist you in the serving and the whole experience is just so much more than eating good food. Even if the starter and the main course are great, don’t eat too much because you get several raw-food desserts/cakes in the end. Highly recommended!


If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t want to visit Paris without having a croissant or a sweet treat that’s not raw, I know the perfect place for you. You’ll have to take the bus a few stops to get a little bit further out of town, but it’s still central and in a nice neighbourhood.

VG Patisserie was a tasty surprise. It looks like the classical French places and I couldn’t believe that all the sweets were vegan, it looked like ordinary sweets. Be there in time if you want a croissant, they sell out quickly!


There are still several places to visit that I walked by or had on my list, but just not enough time to eat at. I will mention them briefly so you can check them out on TripAdvisor, on social media, on their website or have a look when you get there.

Café Ginger – close to Bastille, have some vegan food. From what I understood only open on weekends.

EAT Gluten Free – for all of you who love pasta, baked goods and so on but don’t eat gluten. Apparently, they have some kind of organic profile, but I’m not sure what it’s all about.

BioBurger – is exactly what it says, for non-vegan fast food lovers, here you can dig into some unhealthy stuff with a better conscious, and it’s organic (even the coke).

POKAWA – I really wish I saw this one before I filled my stomach with all the rawfood. Not that I regret eating a delicious buffet, but the food here just looks amazing. It’s for the healthy vegans but if it’s organic or not... you have to ask them. Their Instagram page is lovely!

LAELO – yes, it’s organic, vegan and gourmet! What else do you need?

Le Végetarien – here you get simple meals like falafel, lasagne and soups! Good reviews!


Opening hours make no sense for these places. Some were closed on weekends some were only open on weekends, some were only open for lunch and some only during evenings. Make sure to check what hours they are open before you make the effort to move around the city.

Bon Appétit!

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